metal conservationAlthough Clandon House experienced a devastating fire a significant number of fixed and portable cultural heritage assets survived. 

A number of these larger and more robust assets were fire baskets, grates and decorative surrounds with many surviving in their original locations.metal conservation

Although many of the smaller and easily portable items were removed for offsite conservation a number were required to be treated in-situ because they were built into the original fabric of the house.

Consolidate, stabilise and conserve

We provided National Trust with a pragmatic conservation method statement and technical specification to carry out onsite conservation works to consolidate, stabilise and conserve these objects to provide long-term protection.

Onsite conservation

metal conservationThe physical practical conservation techniques and methodologies for this project needed to be primarily robust and out importantly fit for purpose.  

The techniques must also remain flexible and have the ability to be reversed and refined or enhanced as defined by a potential change in a display environment, exhibition or operation.