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RNSM HMS/m Alliance A Class Submarine

HMS/m Alliance is an "A" Class submarine built by Vickers-Armstrong-Barrow and was launched in 1947.  One of 16 of her class she had a surface range of 10,500 miles at 11 knots and operated to a depth of 500 feet.

Commissioned consultancy to complete an internal condition survey and produce a conservation method statement as an integral part of HLF funding bid. 

During a long established relationship with RNSM Ian Clark Restoration has carried a number of remedial repairs to HMS Alliance including targeted internal conservation and external ship repair contracts.        

HMS/m Alliance has just been awarded HLF funding

Surface cleaning and conservation of main engines The control room
External plating repairs  

HMS Alliance Internal conservation project


 Electrical conservation   Detail of conserved electrical wiring in the WT office
 More electrical conservation  Detail of the C/o cabin
 Conserved accommodation space  Conserved wardroom
 Domestic passageway looking forward  Conserved heads
Detail looking up the conserved gun tower. This compartment was used to access the deck gun on the casing as well as providing a flood chamber to undertake underwater special operations. The picture shows the flooding valve assembly, watertight light fitting, dedicated compressed air supply and hatch clips  Completed after ends 
 Detail of the conserved after end torpedo tube assemblies   A view of the starboard side after ends looking forward
The aft end torpedo loading hatch - To aid interpretation we decided to fit the hatch strong-backs  - during operation these were installed immediately after the boat was underway and strengthened this considerably weakened section of the pressure hull  A close-up detail of the completed aft end escape hatch 
Carrying  out conservation work on board a submarine  is often very challenging as the tasks require focus and concentration and are often undertaken in difficult spaces  - This picture shows George  working in the fore ends torpedo compartment The fore ends nearing completion 
George working below decks in the explosives stores just adjacent to the sonar room  Below decks shipwright and conservation technician Adrian just starting in the sonar room



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