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Walmer Castle

Walmer Castle, Kent, built in the reign of King Henry 8th was built as part of a chain of coastal artillery defences and evolved into the official residence of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. 

Now operated by English Heritage the castle has a collection of important coastal artillery which is on outdoor display on the castle ramparts.

There are eight 32 pounder cannons which are mounted on traditional wooden garrison standing carriages on the upper ramparts positioned facing out over the English Channel.

In 2012 Ian Clark Restoration was commissioned to undertake the construction of 2 new replacement wooden garrison standing carriages for 32 pounder cannons at Walmer castle.

Drawing on 35 years’ experience of heritage engineering and timber conservation construction experience ICR were able to supply the project with a unique skill set underpinned by a sound appreciation of the client’s aspirations and conservation best practice.

The project incorporated an invaluable consultation phase which allowed ICR to unpick the original design thus promoting an open dialogue with EH concerning the existing construction details and how these might influence and shape future technical specifications. On project completion ICR produced a detailed conservation report which will further inform on-going maintenance schedules across English Heritage’s cannon collection.




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