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Middleport Pottery

Ian Clark Restoration was commissioned to produce a consultative document based on a specific project requirement to carry out an on-site audit of the engineering heritage assets within Middleport Pottery with a view to assessing their contextual, technological and cultural significance to this historic site. It needed to evaluate their retention as part of the commercial manufacturing operation or their future sensitive integration as an integral strand of a visitor interpretation heritage trail or architectural enhancement.  

The document identified machinery and associated technological infrastructure which forms the project engineering heritage asset register together with a statement of their basic core condition and case specific observations and recommendations for their future preservation. The findings and recommendations of this report were used as supporting documentation in conjunction with the project consultancy and conservation strategies being developed by Fielded Clegg Bradley Studios, Lead Architects for the Middleport Pottery Project. 


The partnership of Burgess & Leigh was formed in 1862 when they took over a small pottery manufactory which had been established in Burslem 1851. 

The new company generated a buoyant export trade and built successful market growth which led to the building of the Middleport works in 1888, described as the ‘Model’ pottery in Staffordshire. In 1903 the company launched the iconic global brand of Burleigh Ware which became synonymous with the internationally sought after ‘Blue and White’ ceramics.

During the 1990’s Staffordshire’s ceramics industry was severely affected by a significant recession which resulted in Burgess & Leigh going into receivership. The company was rescued by William and Rosemary Dorling and operated as Burgess, Dorling & Leigh Ltd until the company was eventually acquired by Denby Holdings Ltd.

On the 13th June 2011 The Princes Regeneration Trust successfully brokered a preservation acquisition initiative which will develop a sustainable conservation strategy tasked with regenerating the site, preserving the Victorian manufacturing process, protecting core traditional skills and enhancing the engineering and architectural assets.

The intellectual backdrop to this preservation strategy will intelligently and sensitively synergise a forward-looking commercial manufactory with site regeneration and a heritage visitor attraction.

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 Canal side elevation  Main Port Street entrance
  Canal side packing house
Original steam engine manufactured by W Boulton 1888   
 Mould shop detail  Slip house showing blungers and arks by W Boulton
 Port Street and Middle Ranges with bridge link  Mangle tower
   Original works signage



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