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Western Pumping Station, London Embankment, Thames Water

ICR was commissioned by TW to undertake a high level condition survey of the external and internal cast iron and wrought iron structural and decorative elements of the engine house roof and chimney. The final documentation also included a conservation method statement for repair and a materials technical specification 

The pumping station was built in 1875 and was designed to supply an integral element of London’s sewage disposal capability.

The chimney is of a classic Italianate design utilising predominately traditional brick and stone construction with integral decorative and structural ironwork. It comprises a tapered square brick outer tower encasing a circular smoke flue. Internal access is via a cantilevered spiral staircase naturally illuminated by vertical light openings.

Although the chimney no longer provides its primary function as an exhaust gas smoke flue it still acts as a ventilation shaft

Core Dimensions – As scaled or referenced from archival drawings

Height from ground datum to top of vent shaft = 272 feet (82.8784m)

Width at Base = 248” square (6300mm)

Tapering to a width of 8 feet 6” at the top (2.6416m)

Internal flue diameter = 9 feet (2.7423m)

Cap flare at broadest point = 24 feet square (7.3128m)

Overall depth of cap flare castings = 8 feet (2.4376m)

Concrete foundation 35 feet square (10.6645m)

 Internal cantilevered spiral stone staircase comprising 25 flights of stairs & 13 landings

 Staircase comprises 179 risers


 Crested Motifs  Detail of copper shingled roof
 A detail of the classic crested louvred roundells incorporating a stylised ammonite form  The barreled mansard roof is defined by the egg and fleur-de-lis freize
 Chimney top flue cap  Chimney flared cappings and decorative wrought iron ballustrading
 The chimney width is 11' 6" at the base tapering to *' 6" at the top  Historical graffiti on the uppermost section of the internal brick smoke flue
 The chimney is 272' high (82.88m)  


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