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July 2020

Conservation repair – Manufacture of missing components and installation of

weather vane 

Kelmscott Manor 

Client - Society of Antiquaries of London




June 2020

Conservation clean and application of protective wax

Uplift and installation

Sir Thomas Attwood

Chamberlain Square, Birmigham

Client – Maylim Ltd




April – June 2020

Semaphore mechanism condition survey

Repairs to semaphore arms

Full redecoration of mast and arms

Re-wedging of mast

Repairs to mast suppporting structure 

Chatley Heath Semaphore Tower

Client – The Landmark Trust 




April 2020

Reapirs to water wheel axle main bearing

Re-wedging of pitwheel and refitting of cogs

Ifield Watermill 

Client – Crawley Museum 





March 2020

Conservation clean and application of protective wax 

Sir Robert Peel - Greater Birmingham

Birmingham Museums Trust




January 2020

Enabling works, uplift and logistics/transport to secure storage  

Syd’s Coffee Stall, Shoreditch, London

Client – Museum of London 




January 2020

Manufacture and installation of waterwheel penstock

Park Mill, Bateman’s

Client - National Trust 




November/December 2019 

Conservation of rare Keller Mechanical Engraving Machine Pantograph

JW Evans Silver Factory, Birmingham

Client – English Heritage


October 2019 

Conservation cleaning of Iron:Man sculpture, by Antony Gormley 1993

Client – Birmingham City Council/Birmingham Museum Trust



September 2019 

Design, manufacture and installation of oak soffit ceiling for new onsite café 

Winchester City Mill

Client – National Trust




September 2019 

Removal, conservation packing and transportation of historic architectural stonework 

Buildwas Abbey

Client – English Heritage




August 2019 

Conservation and redecoration of dual purpose Df & radar submarine aerials

Client – The National Museum of the Royal Navy 


July 2019 

Manufacture and installation of new waterwheel vertical shaft trestle frame 

Winchester City Mill

Client – National Trust

July 2019 

Conservation & repair of rare 1836 model steam engine by Thomas Greener, Etherley, Durham

Client - Private


June 2019 

Waterwheel Restoration Project – Technical & Fiscal Scoping Analysis

Queens Mill

Client – Castleford Heritage Trust 



May 2019 

Phase 2 Engineering Conservation Project – HMS Caroline - Aft Engine Room

Client – National Museum of the Royal Navy




April 2019 

Mk 1V Tank - Condition Survey and Options appraisal

Client – Ashford Borough Council




March 2019 

Historic & Interpretive Industrial Asset Survey – Killhope -Lead Mining Museum 

Client – Durham City Council 




February 2019 

Conservation cleaning & repair of gilded bronze statue 

Boulton, Watt & Murdoch - William Bloye 1956

Client – Birmingham City Council/Birmingham Museum Trust



January 2019 

Movement and installation of Anglo-Saxon Altar Stone

Kings & Scribes – The Birth of a Nation exhibition 

Client – Winchester Cathedral



January 2019 

Millstone Replacement - Eling Tide Mill 
Client -Totton & Eling Town Council


New Stones for Eling 

ICR have been selected to provide specialist conservation engineering solutions and logistical support to supply, install and commission and new replacement set of millstones




January - November 2018
Sluice gate design, manufacture/restoration and site installation 
Client - Private 

Working in close partnership with the client, main contractors, environmental agencies and wildlife partners ICR were commissioned to undertake a comprehensive engineering package of works to supply and install a series of traditionally designed sluice gates within a highly sensitive protected river landscape

The project utilised traditional form and function together with conservation best practice to provide a sensitive blend of architectural design and engineering function to enable safe and efficient river flow and wildlife management

The project included foundry pattern-making, castings manufactured in SG iron, component machining, application of protective coatings and full site installation and commissioning  





September 2018
Bouton & Watt Smethwick Engine
Client - Birmingham Museums Trust, Thinktank 

Smethwick Engine Back In Steam! 

After a period of consultation the engine had been temporarily decommissioned from operating under steam power due to concerns within the water pump cylinder

ICR were asked to help provide support and advice with diagnosing the potential fault and were subsequently commissioned to undertake a major disassembly of the pump cylinder to accurately define the fault and carry out a repair strategy

As predicted the pump piston had lost a significant amount of packing rings and when under operation the piston was bearing directly on the cylinder bore

2 bespoke portable lifting gantries were assembled on a pre-fabricated runway track and the piston and rod was withdrawn and the piston rings replaced.





September 2018
Decorative furniture attributed to Pugin 
Client - Historic Collections - UK Parliament

ICR is delighted to be working in partnership with the Historic Collections team at UK Parliament in supporting the conservation and collections care of a select number of culturally important examples of Gothic Revival brass work furniture attributed to Pugin    

The on-going project will focus on material repair, missing component replication and decorative surface conservation





August 2018

Architectural Oak Frame Partition

Client: Winchester City Mill, National Trust

Working in partnership with R Hall Traditional Oak Framing ICR were commissioned to design, manufacture and install a traditional oak frame partition to provide an architectural division between the working mill floor and interpretive gallery and a new catering and refreshment area

Using hand tools,  heritage skills and period construction techniques the frame was manufactured and jointed in regionally sourced air-dried oak and fastened with oak pegs

The project was complemented by the installation of an integrated balustrade and stairway handrail 





April 2018

Queen Victoria Sculpture, Birmingham

Client: Birmingham Museums Trust

ICR were delighted to be selected to work with BMT to provide specialist conservation cleaning and collections care support for the Queen Victoria statue in Victoria Square, Birmingham. 

The statue and plinth have both undergone extensive conservation cleaning and the application of protective coatings 

A specific collections care criterion for this project was a requirement to conserve and consolidate the much publicly debated "green" colouring  




March 2018

HMS Caroline - Aft Engine Room conservation programme Phase 2 
Client - The National Museum of the Royal Navy, Belfast

ICR are proud to continue their long-standing relationship with NMRN by providing specialist conservation engineering collections care solutions as an integral element of the long-term conservation and interpretive strategies designed for the aft and forward engine rooms

Building on the successful conservation methodologies developed by ICR and used for HMS M33/Minerva on display at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard the Parson Turbines have been sensitively conserved using industrial wax protection.




February 2018 

New Sluice Valve for Dunham Massey
Client - National Trust

ICR were employed to provide consultancy and conservation engineering services to enable significant repairs to be undertaken to the waterwheel sluice valve

The project included full site disassembly, pattern-making, foundry casting, machining and site installation 




February 2018

Barbara Hepworth - Figure in Landscape

Client: Tate St Ives


ICR were delighted to be asked to provide conservation engineering and logistical solutions in support of the collections care programme managed by Tate St Ives for the sculpture garden  

Using a bespoke scaffold tower and lifting equipment the form was raised under controlled conditions to assess how to fit and secure a sensitive long-term mechanical stabilisation solution and carry out a comprehensive condition survey of the internal base and plinth

The work was time sensitive and once started had to be carried out in challenging wintery conditions   




January 2018

New Sluice Gate for Eling Tide Mill
Client - Totton & Eling Town Council  

ICR were selected to provide specialist millwrighting support to design, manufacture and install a new waterwheel sluice gate as part of the HLF funded Eling Experience Project





January 2018

Conseration of Enigma Machine

Client: Bletchley Park Trust

This rare Enigma machine was found buried in the ground in Poland and was assumed to have been secreted there by retreating German forces.

ICR carried out a comprehensive and highly sensitive conservation methodology to provide long-term stability and interpretive enhancement





September 2017

Ian Clark Restoration awarded prestigious Kew Pagoda historic metalwork project

ICR is delighted to announce that they have been selected to support Historic Royal Palaces by undertaking the specialist conservation of the Pagoda metalwork as part of the current restoration project.  

Built in 1762 this 10 storey octagonal structure nearly 50m high is adorned at its pinnacle with a suspended wrought iron and bronze hoop and chain assembly which supports the iconic terminal pole. 





September 2017

Great Eastern Funnel Artefact 

Client: SS Great Britain Trust 

The SS Great Britain Trust is currently developing a new and exciting visitor experience called “Being Brunel”. 

This new museum will showcase many iconic artefacts which will provide a glimpse into the life and work of I K Brunel.

SS Great Eastern was severely damaged by a boiler explosion in 1858. After the explosion a section of iron funnel was removed from the ship and converted to act as a water strainer at a pumping station at Sutton Poyntz, near Weymouth.

The funnel section provided an integral element of the water pumping station infrastructure until it was donated by Wessex Water to the SS Great Britain Trust in December 2004. The project team have identified the section of funnel from the Great Eastern as a core object to be displayed within the new museum

ICR was asked to propose a conservation strategy for the SS Great Eastern funnel and undertake the conservation project to provide a pragmatic and sustainable solution for consolidation, aesthetic enhancement, future exhibition and long-term preservation





September 2017

Birmingham Public Artwork temporary removal

Client: Birmingham City Council, Birmingham Museum Trust, Midland Metro Alliance

ICR working with their logistics partner Allelys Heavy Haulage completed the enabling works, conservation packing, and uplift and specialist transportation of 4 major public sculptures.

The public artwork needed to be temporarily removed and stored to facilitate the construction of the new metro rail system as part of the Birmingham urban regeneration project.

The 4 pieces were 

Boulton Watt Murdoch by William Bloye 1956

Iron:Man by Antony Gormley 1993

Industry & Genius by David Patten 1990

The Real Birmingham Family by Gillian Wearing 2014








July 2017

Tynemouth Priory WWII mk.XXIII 6" BL Coastal Artillery Gun

Client: English Heritage

ICR were selected to undertake a comprehensive conservation cleaning and repainting project.





April 2017

Osborne House - Queen Victoria Bathing Machine

Client: English Heritage

ICR asked to undertake fabric repairs and carry out annual maintenance work.




March 2017

Ditherington Flax Mill

Client: English Heritage/ Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Ian Clark Restoration was commissioned to undertake a stand-alone and complimentary consultancy commission as part of the wider regeneration project consultation.

This consultancy was in addition to a comprehensive and all-inclusive research and development phase which has included a dedicated survey to capture and record the unique geological, contextual and physical archaeology of the site.

ICR produced a targeted and focused survey which where applicable or possible, connected an individual or series of assets to a process and or phase of evolutionary industrial development to help illustrate and record an understanding of form or function by way of forensic fieldwork archaeology.





August 2016 to February 2017 

Park Mill, Batemans 

Client: National Trust 

ICR was awarded by competitive tender to design, manufacture and install a replacement oak axle tree for the water wheel.

Building on a long standing conservation engineering support relationship with the National Trust ICR undertook this complex and challenging engineering project.

The existing waterwheel was suspended and supported in-situ on a bespoke scaffold while the rotten axle tree was carefully removed from the mill.

The new axle tree was constructed offsite and was finally manoeuvred into position during January 2017.





December 2016

Logistics and conservation engineering support 

Museum Collection Centre

Client: Birmingham Museums Trust

ICR was commissioned to undertake a “lift and shift” project to rationalise the storage of a significant number of large industrial objects to help facilitate building enhancement works within the collections centre.

Working exclusively with BMT conservation staff ICR temporarily moved, weighed and repositioned the objects as an integral strand of the on-going collection care strategy.





November 2016

Consultancy and feasibility study  

Estonian National Agriculture Museum

Ian Clark was commissioned to carry out a technical/historical appraisal and feasibility study for the future conservation of a number of large steam engines in the museum collection in Tartu, Estonia.





October 2016

Conservation of subsea telegraph cable terminals 

Client: Telegraph Museum Porthcurno, Cornwall

 This 2 phase project included a commission to carry out a comprehensive condition survey and completion of the subsequent collections care and conservation package of works.





September 2016

SS Great Britain main yard 

Client: SS Great Britain Trust

ICR was commissioned to undertake a condition survey of the main yard with specific focus on a series of at potentially at risk locations where small pockets of corrosion had appeared.

As a result of the survey findings ICR were employed to consolidate and conserve these areas using a sensitive and low interventive treatment strategy.





September 2016

Consolidation & conservation of barrelling machines 

The Coffin Works, Birmingham Conservation Trust


The conservation and enhanced interpretation of the barrelling shop provided a unique opportunity for Birmingham Conservation Trust to complete the industrial storyboard at the Coffin Works as well as providing a future volunteering opportunity that will continue to help promote skills sharing, knowledge transfer and increased ownership of the contextual collections within the heritage site.





September 2016 

Clandon House

Client: National Trust

The focus of the conservation project was to stabilise and consolidate a number of fixed and portable kitchen assets.

The kitchen assets were in need of a sensitive but comprehensive care treatment plan ahead of being boxed-in or removed as part of a long-term protection strategy required to provide collection care during a planned future kitchen reconstruction and refurbishment phase.






August 2016

Design & manufacture mounts and install Parthenon Casts 

Client: Winchester College Treasury



Case study


April 2016

HMS Caroline - Conservation of stream turbines

Client: National Museum of the Royal Navy 

Drawing on the experiences of conserving the interiors of HMS Alliance and HMS M33 , ICR was commissioned to conserve the forward engine room turbines and gear boxes as part of the £11.5M HLF funded project completed as part of the Battle of Jutland centenary project.



March 2016

Boscobel House –Condition survey & conservation cleaning & surface protection of agricultural implements

Client: English Heritage 

The content of this consultative document was based on a specific project requirement to carry out a visual survey of a series of agricultural implements and farm vehicles currently on display within the farm yard and barns at Boscobel House.

The report was commissioned by EH to evaluate the structure and delivery of individual bespoke conservation methodologies required to carry out collection care maintenance on specific artefacts on display at Boscobel House.

The objects were identified as providing an on-going interpretive role within the grounds of Boscobel House and it is within this landscape that the objects were assessed and conserved to secure their long-term preservation and fulfil a wider appreciation of their individual technological significance and cultural legacies.



February 2016

Matchless 350cc G3L Motorcycle

Client: National Army Museum 

ICR was commisoned to undertake the sensitive conservation cleaning and surface protection.



December 2015

Woolbeding Gardens - 1845 waterwheel pumps again 

In spring 2016 this rare and unique waterwheel driven beam pump will open to the public for the first time

During 2014/15 ICR carried out the restoration and conservation phases which concentrated on the supporting brickwork, sluice gates, waterwheel, transmission and beam pump.

These phases required extensive architectural and engineering conservation and incorporated significant material replication in conjunction with the sensitive retention of original components and historic fabric.


More info



November 2015

Kelvingrove Museum  - Spitfire LA198

ICR takes to skies again!

On Remembrance Day, ICR In association with Allelys Heavy Haulage lowered the Mark 21 Spitfire on display suspended in the gallery at Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow

The Spitfire was lowered for a 10 year conservation inspection and clean and the suspension harness together with the integrated airframe fittings removed for load and condition testing

After the 2 week in-house conservation care project was completed the Spitfire was again raised and suspended in the gallery 


More info



September 2015

Hayling Island Puffing Billy Line 


The restored starter signal was returned to its original location and was officially unveiled during a special ceremony attended by the Mayor on 17th October

The signal has been restored to its original design and build specification and now stands as a proud symbol of a once much loved branch line  


  more info


August 2015 

HMS M.33 the only surviving First World War veteran ship of Gallipoli opens to the public

After 7 challenging months ICR has successfully completed the interior conservation of this important historic ship. Working in close partnership with The National Museum of The Royal Navy and its project team, ICR endued cramped and logistically demanding conditions to deliver a bespoke low interventive conservation strategy which was ground breaking in scale and thought provoking in method. 


more info


January 2015

Ian Clark Restoration sets sail again!  - HMS Minerva (M33)

The National Museum of the Royal Navy have appointed ICR to undertake the internal conservation of M33 as an integral part of a £2.4M project developed for the Portsmouth-based historic ship to play key role in national commemoration of the Centenary of the Gallipoli and ANZAC Campaigns.

M33 is a unique survivor.  Launched in May 1915 she is the sole remaining British veteran of the Gallipoli Campaign and the only British warship from the First World War that will be open to the public during the centenary year.

Although officially ordered through Harland and Wolff Ltd, due to the Belfast yard building to capacity M33 was eventually built and engined under licence by the neighbouring shipyard of Workman, Clark and Co. Ltd

ICR who have already successfully carried out significant conservation projects on board Holland 1 submarine, X-24 Midget submarine and HMS/m Alliance, will develop case specific conservation techniques to stabilise, consolidate and conserve the existing internal casing, bulkhead and shell plate surfaces to provide a contextual 3 dimensional interpretive canvass as well as carrying out targeted component conservation

The conservation processes will physically lock-in the historical integrity of the ship as well as providing cost effective and pragmatic collection care solutions to support long-term preservation.

Throughout the project ICR will in addition provide a conservation engineering and interpretive support role




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November 2014

ICR takes to skies – or at least off the ground at Thinktank, Birmigham

During October 2014 ICR completed a high-level conservation clean and inspection of the Hawker Hurricane Mk.1V and Supermarine Spitfire Mk. 1X on display in the Move It gallery





November 2014

ICR all puffed up!!

Ian Clark Restoration has been chosen by Hampshire County Council to project manage the conservation of the only remaining railway track signalling equipment on the historic Hayling (Puffing) Billy Line.

The remaining original signal components and pole which was first erected in 1950 has been completely removed to undertake a significant level of conservation engineering which will include elements of replication, restoration and reintegration of period salvaged components.

ICR will work closely supervise the project to ensure that structural and historical integrity is accurately maintained and preserved as an integral element of the on-going regeneration of the Billy Line for the enjoyment of all those visiting the location.




It is hoped that the signal pole will be re-erected in late 2014 or early 2015



October 2014

Newman Brothers at the Coffin Works reopens

ICR is delighted to announce that they have successfully completed the conservation of the Stamp Room at the Coffin Works on behalf of the Birmingham Conservation Trust.

Works included rebuilding the primary and ancillary drives and line shafting, conserving drop stamps and fly presses and tooling together with redressing the workshop and providing project support and consultancy.

The Coffin Works is a hidden gem in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham   -  Go visit!






August 2014

The heat is on for ICR at Manor Farm!

With the winter fast approaching ICR is racing to restore the Victorian farmhouse kitchen range so that heat and cooking demonstrations can resume.  Vital cast iron components of the grate and ovens were found to be severely cracked and distorted which required urgent remedial repair to return the range to operational condition.

Works will include specialist cast iron repairs, traditional pattern-making and the manufacture of replacement castings to their original form.


  Fully restored range front casting
Traditional wooden pattern to cast the new grate  



May 2014

HMS Alliance back on patrol

On May 12th HMS Alliance was officially opened during a rededication service in the presence of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Lasting more than a year Ian Clark Restoration delivered the extensive internal conservation programme which has helped transform the submarine into an exciting and engaging visitor experience.  Building on an established relationship with the Royal Navy Submarine Museum ICR was responsible for carrying out a significant package of conservation works in 25 compartments across 2 decks and the external pressure hull.

An integral strand underpinning the conservation project was the aspiration to develop a dedicated HMS Alliance volunteer programme to augment the professional team of conservators.  This aspiration was written into the original HLF project submission to provide a skills and custodial legacy to ensure the long-term collection care needs of the submarine and the opportunity for regionally based volunteers to experience working alongside a professional conservation team. ICR embraced the scheme and working alongside RNSM staff this quickly developed onto an exciting and vibrant project partnership.

ICR would like to thank and congratulate all the volunteers and staff who tirelessly supported the project and helped deliver an absorbing and life-changing conservation project.





November 2013

HMS Alliance, Royal Navy Submarine Museum

Internal conservation project moves steadily towards final phase

We were commissioned to undertake a comprehensive package of on-board conservation works which covered all main and below deck compartments together with the commanding officer’s cabin and access chamber and the gun tower.

The ICR contract which commenced in April 2013 was the third phase of the “Saving HMS Alliance” HLF funded project which also included a major civil engineering phase together with an extensive programme of ship repair conservation.

This series of images illustrates the complexity and physicality of the project which was required to quantify, prioritise and deliver pragmatic conservation solutions across a diverse and challenging series of materials, substrates and micro-environments.

More information click here

November 2013 

Newman Brothers Coffin Works, Birmingham

Ian Clark Restoration appointed by Birmingham Conservation Trust

ICR will undertake an on-site survey of the historic engineering  assets and present a long-term conservation method statement and operational strategy which will form an integral strand of the future interpretive and access programme.


November 2013

Museums Association Conference 2013, Liverpool 

During a special ceremony at The BT Conference Centre Ian Clark was awarded fellowship of The Museums Association 

The award is designed to encourage and recognise an advanced level of professional development in any area of museum work and is focused on excellence and awarded to people going above and beyond their current role.





August 2013

ICR awarded prestigeous National Trust engineering conservation project

Woolbeding Gardens, West Sussex

During July and August ICR completed phase 1 of the conservation of a rare 1840’s 3 cylinder water wheel gear driven beam pump.

The preliminary phase included a full site assessment and extensive disassembly project to quantify the level of repair and intervention to further inform the conservation methodology and long-term preservation strategy.

The second phase concentrated on repairing and replacing the oak framing and support trestles which carry the waterwheel, pump mechanism and beam assemblies.

Phase 3 which will continue during summer 2014 will undertake the conservation of the waterwheel and pump.

More information



January 2013

Ian Clark Restoration is appointed to English Heritage Cannon & Artillery Maintenance and Conservation Framework.

The framework agreement which builds on an existing relationship will run from 2013 – 2017.


In 2012 Ian Clark Restoration was commissioned to undertake the construction of 2 new replacement wooden garrison standing carriages for 32 pounder cannons at Walmer castle, Kent.




Ian Clark Restoration awarded flagship submarine project

Ian Clark Restoration has been chosen by the Royal Navy Submarine Museum to undertake a comprehensive on-board internal package of conservation works as an integral element of £6.75m Saving HMS Alliance conservation project.


The project which will cover all internal compartments is built around a deep clean, repair and refurbishment policy and will also include advice and contributions to planned interpretation and AV schemes together with a close working relationship with museum volunteers and project personnel.




February 2013 


Ian Clark appointed to the National Heritage Memorial Fund Register of Support Services

Ian Clark is delighted to announce that he has been appointed to the National Heritage Memorial Fund Register of Support Services as a Project Monitor for 10 regions across the UK. The appointment will run 2013 – 2016


July 2012




Ian Clark Restoration wins Solent EBP Award

Nominations were invited to celebrate the ‘Amazing People’ who commit themselves to develop innovative programmes that support young peoples’ preparation for adult life and work, and to celebrate the achievements of the young people themselves.

Solent Education Business Partnership (EBP) works in partnership with business, schools, colleges and the wider community in Southampton and South West Hampshire to broker mutually beneficial relationships and facilitate learning programmes that help young people and adults to develop their employment skills and understanding about the workplace.

ICR received their award for forming an educational relationship with The Quilley School of Engineering in Eastleigh, Hampshire. By improving engineering conservation through education ICR provided corporate sponsorship and technical support for an exciting and innovative engineering project to mark the centenary of the loss of the RMS Titanic on April 15th 1912.


April 2012


Ian Clark Restoration rises to a Titanic Challenge

ICR has forged an educational relationship with The Quilley School of Engineering in Eastleigh, Hampshire. By improving engineering conservation through education ICR has provided corporate sponsorship and technical support for an exciting and innovative engineering project to mark the centenary of the loss of the RMS Titanic on April 15th 1912

To honor the Southampton residents that were lost during the sinking of Titanic the students are replicating a scale section of the ship’s bow using traditional skills and detailed plans secured for the project. Under the guidance of Stephen M Payne OBE, principal Naval Architect and designer of the RMS Queen Mary 2 and school governor, dimensions and plate geometry have been calculated and work has begun.

Keeping with tradition all the hull plating will be fastened to the frames by way of hot riveting a technique used to build our engineering heritage and now a fast disappearing skill.

Stephen Shaw, project director, contacted Ian Clark to seek advice on riveting and how the students could learn more about how this technique was used in the construction of RMS Titanic.

Ian Clark Restoration was delighted to support this project and agreed to supply the 1500 rivets required to build the replica and provided a one-day master class for the students where he demonstrated the art of hand and pneumatic riveting.

Ian Clark, a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and The Royal Institution of Naval Architects strongly believes in promoting engineering conservation through education and was able to take the opportunity to speak to the students in class about the importance of maintaining traditional engineering skills and the cultural wealth of our industrial heritage.

The students were encouraged to hammer up an individual rivet and take personal ownership of the structure thus leaving their own mark on history.

The completed replica bow section will be displayed as a piece of public art within the school grounds as a lasting legacy to the seafarers of Southampton who were tragically lost. 


 The hull plating beginning to take shape  Riveting equipment and demonstration jig ready for use
 Keeping with design the under-waterline rivets are raised countersunk form - These heads have been individually formed and signed by the students of Quilley School of Engineering  The bow section ready for riveting
Ian Clark demonstrating pneumatic riveting as part of the master class  Student and project director having a riveting time





Ian Clark appointed to the National Heritage Memorial Fund Register of Support Services. Ian Clark is delighted to announce that he has been appointed to the National Heritage Memorial Fund Register of Support Services as a Project Monitor for 10 regions across the UK. 




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